Ben Sela, the founder and owner of Iosco construction, has always had a passion for building. After  working and training in almost every trade, he established Iosco  in 2006 and began renovating victorian townhouses and apartments around Albany's historic Center Square neighborhood. Over the last decade Iosco  has earned a reputation for being skilled, knowledgable and patient enough to handle the complexities of reviving buildings that many would consider to be beyond repair, or replicating work by the master builders of old. Iosco has undertaken an array of projects from prerevolutionary dutch barns and farmhouses , to greek and gothic revivals, to modern and contemporary residences. Among the more notable projects are the restoration of the birthplace of Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, (1787, An American explorer, scientist, poet, glass maker and innovator.) The restoration of the residence of Albany's  most notorious Mayor, (Erastus Corning II, mayor 1942-1983, and namesake of corning tower.) and the restoration of the original one room schoolhouse of Guilderland NY.